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Timeshare Termination & Compensation Specialist


At Legal & General Associates, we make it our business to ensure you are provided with the best options based upon your individual circumstances. Our team has years of experience and can offer guidance and help for every aspect of holiday ownership issues. In an ever-changing world of products

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and presentations we often find that the consumer is left confused by their ownership and contracts.

We understand how personal these circumstances are to each of our clients and how so often timeshare problems not only affect holiday patterns but also family finances and individual trauma!

We never cold call. We only ever call you once you have made an

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We are on your side and we will help you with complex timeshare contract issues. We’ll offer various solutions to relieve your timeshare concerns and do the hard work for you.

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If you are looking for free impartial advice on timeshare termination & compensation claims, then look no further. Legal & General Associates, can assist. Many timeshare companies have breached timeshare, consumer and contract legislation. We know your rights, we can help you to terminate your contract and where applicable we can reclaim YOUR money.

  • Does your timeshare company keep moving the goal posts?
  • Were you sold timeshare as an investment?
  • Were you given unfulfilled promises?
  • Were you promised unachievable discounts?
  • Have your personal circumstances changed?
  • Rising maintenance fees? We can help you escape them.
  • Mis-sold a timeshare? We can take care of the legalities.
  • Need to get out fast? We can fight your corner.

The Best Free Impartial Advice

Legal & General Associates was formed to offer professional advice and assistance, to timeshare owners who are seeking legal advice on how they can terminate their ownership and potentially claim back compensation . We have a growing network of lawyers & specialists experts within the industry, who can offer most owners a legal write my essay online way of disposing of their unwanted timeshare ownership. Call us on  0203 167 8783 to find out more.

Who We Can Help

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Rising Maintenance Fees?

Tired of high fees, We will help you terminate them immediately.


Have You Been Mis-Sold?

If you think you have a claim for compensation, contact us today to find custom writing help out your options.


No Availability?

Sick and tired of being informed there is no availability.


Circumstances Changed?

Maybe your timeshare worked for you in the past but your situation has changed.


Stuck In Perpetuity?

Have you found yourself tied in to a in-perpetuity contract? Are you concerned that the burden will be past onto a love one?


Need Sound Advice?

Contact Legal & General Associates for FREE impartial advice on 0203 167 8783

If you feel that you have been mis-sold we can offer you instant legal protection from the major timeshare companies.

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