Timeshare Claims

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Do You Qualify To Make A Claim?

If you think you have been mis-sold your timeshare, we can assist you if you have genuine grounds to have your timeshare contract legally terminated and claim your money back.

Our expert team work hand in hand with SRA regulated law firms who specialise in timeshare termination & compensation matters.

We are able to look into claims of misrepresentation, plus those contracts that fall foul of Spanish timeshare regulations. Our advisers will quickly be able to inform you if you have a viable claim and explain the full legal process and funding options available to you.

If you think you could have grounds for a claim or to find out more information, contact us today.


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Purchased A Timeshare After 1999?

Stuck In A Perpetuity Contract?

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Mis-Sold At Point Of Sale?

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