Timeshare Cancellation

Timeshare Cancellation

With no upfront charges, our network of lawyers & specialist can offer you a simple way to terminate your timeshare contracts today, with no hassle and more importantly for a realistic price.

The Supreme Court in Spain has declared that any contract signed in perpetuity can now be challenged as null and void. If you purchased your timeshare after the 5th of January 1999, you will be able to seek help with cancelling your contract.

A timeshare contract cancellation will take an average of 7 weeks, from start to finish. Some are quicker, some longer. There are many legal steps that are taken to bring about the end to your timeshare responsibilities. During this process, we will keep you informed as things progress.

If you are looking for an affordable and stress free way to cancel your timeshare, and be freed of rising management fees, contact Legal & General Associates today 0203 167 8783

How Do I Qualify For A Contract Cancellation?

  • kinglawIf you paid a deposit within the 14-day cooling off period
  • kinglawIf you paid your balance within 90 days of the purchase date
  • kinglawIf you were sold it as an investment
  • kinglawIf your contract is in perpetuity or is over a 50-year period
  • kinglawIf your contract contains Points or Floating weeks
  • kinglawThe misrepresentation of the product when sold

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